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On an island with many different butterfly species, an entomologist comes to list them all in his papillodex. In this VR game the player will have to catch them and then bring them into the vivariums he has previously built, in order to study them.

(Development in progress)

Level Design


Hope is a concept map designed for the standard mode of valorant : 5v5, 2 points, 13 round, plant/diffuse the spike or kill all the enemies to win a round.

The main feature of Hope is the verticality. In fact, the point A is on top of the point B. It is highly inspired by the Counter Striker map Nuke.

I build the map in Unreal Engine 5.

Level Art


A Dark environment made with megascans and free assets from the marketplace of Unreal Engine 5. My with this scene was to play with the light and post process parameters.

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