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Challenge your friends in a colorful digital boardgame inspired by chess.

  • Digital Boardgame

  • Strategy / Multiplayer

  • PC

Two players face each other in a dance-battle. Each player has a color linked to him. By dancing on the tiles of the dance floor the players will illuminate them.

The game is over once the players have colored the whole dance floor. The one with the most tiles with his color win the game.


My Work

Level design / Game design

  • Participation in the creation of the first concept

  • Design of 3 levels for 2,3 and 4 players

  • Design of 2 mechanics linked to the 3 levels

  • Communication with the 3D artists 

  • Implementation of the assets

  • Level art for the 3 levels

  • Redaction of the level design documents


My co-workers

  • Dorian RIBEIRO

  • Benoit DENEAUX

  • Thibault DUPRE

  • Charlie MOREL

  • Mathis BRESSAUD

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