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Butterfly Catcher

Explore a colorful island to find butterflies and catch them with your net

  • 3D VR game

  • Adventure / Exploration game

  • Oculus Rift

  • Peaceful

As an entimologist, you're sent on an island to study butterflies. Explore the island and catch new butterflies with your net to complete your Papilodex. Rear your butterflies into arranged vivariums and make them reproduce to create new butterfly species.


My Work

Game design

  • Participation in the creation of the first concept

  • Design of the core mechanic (Capture mechanic)

  • Design of the macro loop of the game

  • Design of the side mechanics

  • Creation of the major part of the design documents


My co-workers

  • Nathanaël ANGEVIN

  • Aaron MAI

  • Alexis SONNIER

  • Clément GALLARDO

  • Séverin JACOB

  • Léni BEGUIN

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